You and I are alike.

You and I, and every other human on planet Earth have three basic needs:

  1. The need to be loved
  2. The need to be needed
  3. The need to be accepted

What if I told you I knew how you could get all three of those needs satisfied? What if I told you that I am not selling one single thing? What if I told you these three needs cannot be earned, because they are simply a gift?

You see, there was a time in my life when I didn’t have the peace, hope and purpose I now enjoy. I was looking at the world hoping there was more to life than this.  I used people to try to satisfy my longings and my need for acceptance.

But somebody took the time to tell me of a God who deeply loves me and has a purpose and a hope for my life. This wasn’t a far away and distant God, but a God who wanted me to have eternal life and follow after Him in this life and then when I die I will be with Him forever in heaven.

But I had a problem.

God is perfect and Heaven is perfect and I am not! So I couldn’t get into heaven and could not start a relationship with such a perfect God in my broken condition. But this God made a way for me through His son Jesus Christ coming to earth to die for my sin and to make me alive in Him. Then after 3 days, He rose again, proving He was the real deal.

So I opened my heart and mind to Jesus being Lord of my life.

I asked Him to forgive me of the junk I had done wrong and give me new life, and asked Him for the power to live for Him, and not for myself.

And do you know what happened? I received new hope, peace and purpose. It was supernatural. And it hasn’t stopped yet!

So, how about you? Are you ready for a new beginning in life? The Bible says that when we confess Jesus as the boss/Lord of our life, we are a new creation… the old things pass away and everything becomes new!

“What would hinder you from surrendering your total life to Jesus today?” 

Fear? Uncertainty? Peer pressure? Maybe you avoid thinking about eternal issues? Maybe you think God has too many other important issues to deal with?

Here’s the good news.

God loves you! And if we confess our sins to Jesus, He will forgive them all… period… no matter how large or small the sin. Why would you gamble and wait?

Listen as the A,B,Cs tell us how to get to heaven:

  • Admit I have done wrong. I am a sinner. And God cannot let even one little sin into heaven, or it would no longer be heaven.  God wants to have a proper relationship with me but I am in no condition to have that without Jesus.

  • Believe in my heart that Jesus literally came to die for my sins, and rose again, proving He was the real deal.  Believe that Jesus gives new life to those who believe in Him and makes right relationship with God a possibility.

  • Confess my sin and ask for His great forgiveness. Be willing to turn away from any sin with God’s help. Confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior… my boss.

You can’t clean up your life before you come to God. You must come just as you are. He isn’t impressed with our cleanness or good works, because He is completely sinless. He invites us to be forgiven and free!  Even the best most moral people we know need Jesus.  This is true because the Bible teaches us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  It also tells us that we were born dead in our sin and trespasses. You see, the issue is about living, having eternal life.  Only Jesus can give us this life.

So, what do you think? What would hinder you from asking Jesus to be the king of your life today? Nothing? Then, will you pray this prayer from your heart right now?

Go ahead and pray this aloud right now if you can mean it from your heart:

“Dear Jesus,

I admit I have done wrong, and that I am a sinner. I am sorry for my sin. I believe You died in my place and rose again. So I confess my sins to you. Please forgive me and give me a new beginning. I ask You to be the boss and Lord of my heart. Help me now to live for You. I thank You for Your great love and forgiveness. I pray this in Jesus’ name… amen!”

Congratulations! If you meant that prayer from your heart, then God heard you right now. He has forgiven you of every rotten and sinful thing you have ever committed. Whether your sin was small or large, it is forgiven. And now you have a brand new beginning… a clean slate!