I am so happy that you prayed to ask Jesus to be the king of your heart.

This is a new and exciting beginning for you! I know it took a lot of courage and a little faith, but God heard your prayer.

And since you invited Jesus to be your Lord, He will now give you direction, guidance, comfort and peace. His purposes will now begin to be lived out in your life as you partner with Him each day. The sky is going to look bluer, and the grass greener. And when you have problems, you can run to Him in prayer.

And here is how you can keep this love for God fresh and strong:

  • Read the Bible and pray regularly. I would encourage you to start reading in the book of Saint John. It will tell you all about Jesus and His awesome love for you. And prayer is simply talking to God. Thank Him for the good things in your life, and ask Him for wisdom in the hard things of life.
  • Start attending a church that believes the Bible is true, and preaches about knowing Jesus personally like you now do. In the Knoxville area Harvest Church is a great place to get to know other believers in Jesus and become part of the family of God.  Fellowship with other believers is highly important for all of us in Jesus Christ.
  • Be water baptized. It will help seal the deal in your heart and your commitment will be stronger. It is the act that makes the spiritual break with the power of death and sin and Your church can help you with this.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ask God to fill you everyday with His Spirit, and to release His gifts in you. The first 5 chapters of the book of Acts will help you.
  • Tell someone else as often as you can about your prayer today, and how Jesus forgave you.

One more thing,  Will you email me today and tell me of your decision to make Jesus the king of your heart. Maybe this is the first time you have ever done this, or maybe you wandered off spiritually and now have come back home. In any case, I would love to hear from you.