Elders and Staff

                                                                                                        Tim Atchley- Senior Pastor
 Elder Harry Gilreath and wife Sue Gilreath
                                                                          Jonathan Howe- Youth Pastor

Church Staff
















Oversight Ministries

Oversight Ministries For Pastoral Development and Accountability: Neil Silverberg & Pete Beck (Master Builders)

At Harvest we enjoy the security and accountability that relationship and respect for the five fold ministry brings us. Although Harvest is a church led by pastors and elders, we value these relationships that provide covering and insight. Because they function by relationship they do not seek to alter who we are or impose personal preferences or organizational traditions on us. This is a great blessing to us.



Pastor Tim Atchley came to know Christ in October of 1983 at the ripe age of 20. Shortly thereafter a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit dramatically impacted his life and led him to attend Trinity Chapel a Spirit filled church in the Knoxville area. After years of serving in various ministries and overseeing home groups the church leadership determined that a church was needed in the North Knoxville area and they prayed and as a result felt the Lord showed them they were to send out Tim, his lovely wife Sheila, and their four children in the fall of 1993 to start the work called Harvest Church where they continue to serve and lead.








Elder Harry Gilreath Harry has been a part of the church for some years now and brings an element of faith and sound doctrine to the table of leadership for the church. We are blessed to have mature men serve the church in this role of leadership.








Jonathan Howe Jonathan serves our youth of Harvest along with his wife Sarah and daughters Aidyn and Susanna. Together they have developed a team leadership concept in working with young people. Their group called “The Way” is growing in their disciple-making lifestyle and ability.







David Reese- Married to his wife Kathy for over forty years. Came to know the Lord while serving in the Army, and has been dedicated to the gospel ever since. They raised 5 daughters and have 13 grandkids.












Church Secretary- Hannah McConnell serves our church as secretary.

                                                                                        Neil Silverburg
                                       Pete Beck and wife Jane Beck